Auto Body Repair


It can be difficult to find car care experts that offer services for both interiors and exteriors. Don’t worry – your Brothers have got you covered! Brothers Auto Care is not only an auto repair shop, but also an auto body shop. We serve customers that have experienced major and minor collisions and accident as well as those looking to enhance a car’s exterior by making cosmetic modifications. It’s our mission to help improve your car’s exterior at the most affordable cost and with the best customer service.

As a full-service car care center, Brothers offers the following auto body services:

  • Vehicle collision repair
  • Scratch and sheet metal dent repair
  • Paint restoration and paint color matching
  • Bumper replacement and body panel repair
  • Glass replacement


We know how frustrating it can be to pay exorbitant amounts of cash at an auto body shop. We’re here to tell you: you won’t have to feel depleted after repairing or modifying your exterior with the help of Brothers Auto Care. We provide upfront, timely, and accurate estimates. Brothers makes a great effort to keep the cost of labor and materials low.

Auto body shops can sometimes fail to be totally transparent with the bill. Brothers will never try to hide the cost of repair from you, or upcharge by a major margin. We communicate effectively with customers, set expectations ahead of time, and build customer trust. You can always rely your brothers to come through for you!


After a collision, you can bring your car into Brothers, and we’ll use our computer software to create an upfront estimate to forward to your insurance company. If you’re not in a hurry to fix your car, we can provide a copy of the repair estimate so that you can compare it with quotes from other repair centers, but in the majority of cases, you won’t find a better high-quality auto body shop around. A fair word of warning: the cheapest option to repair your car is rarely the best option. Brothers will give you a thorough quote, cost effective quote that won’t empty your pockets. Most of customers at Brothers quickly trust us to do the job correctly with cost in mind. We’ve earned a positive reputation for our friendly customer service, car care expertise and affordability.

As we start the repair work, we’ll take a look at the car’s metal and frame composition first to determine how much damage there is to fix. We’ll help get your car back up to factory standards, adjusting the wheel alignment and suspension which establish the maneuverability and safety of your vehicle on the road. We’ll order any parts necessary to complete the repair and any mechanical adjustments that need to be made will be taken care of.

After that, your car will be ready for painting. We’ll tape, sand, and prime the vehicle, then match the paint color and make it look brand new. Reassembly of the vehicle will quickly follow suit. Brothers takes reassembly very seriously – it can be a delicate process as we ensure proper installation of parts. Missing parts can threaten the driving safety of the vehicle. Our repairmen have a meticulous eye for detail and will make sure everything gets put back in its place.

From there, we’ll clean it up and do a final inspection for delivery. We’ll make advisements on next steps you should take including check-ups and paint care and send you on your way.

At Brothers, we want to make auto body repair as painless and seamless as possible. You can always feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or concerns during the process. We pride ourselves on transparency, availability, and timeliness. If you have auto body repair needs, trust your brothers at Brothers Auto Care to get the job done right!


Working on a limited budget? Don’t sweat it. We also provide excellent financing options. If you’re worried about being out of transportation for the day, we can handle that too – Brothers will shuttle you where you need to go.