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Professional Automotive Tune-Ups for Cars of ALL Makes and Models  Oil Change Service in Amarillo

Are you an Amarillo or Canyon resident looking for an oil change service you can count on? Come to Brothers Auto & Glass, where you are always treated as family! Our trusted mechanics are incredibly skilled at performing some of the speediest oil changes at the best rates around! We take great pride in offering some of the most affordable automotive repair and maintenance services in the Texas Panhandle, and want to be your go-to oil change service and automotive repair shop whenever you’re in need!


  • Check oil or engine light is on — this is your car straight up begging you to go to an oil change service.
  • You have traveled and racked up a ton of mileage — the owner’s manual of your vehicle should have the manufacturer’s recommendations on how far you can drive before needing an oil change.
  • Oil is dark and dirty looking — your oil should appear slightly translucent and with an amber hue.
  • Knocking and noisy engine — without oil, the moving parts of your car cannot be lubricated to seamlessly glide against each other. Loud knocks are signs your vehicle is literally ripping itself apart.
  • Smoke coming from the exhaust — while there will always be some vapor, dark smoke is a clear sign your engine needs some TLC.
  • Strong fumes and the smell of oil — smelling oil could mean you have a leak. Exhaust and gas fumes could indicate that your engine is overheating.


End your search with Brothers Auto & Glass. We want to be your top choice of oil change service in Amarillo and Canyon! When you’re in need of a reliable mechanic for oil changes, remember your Brothers in automotive maintenance.


Changing your own oil is always an option, of course, but if you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to get the job done right, your best bet is bringing your car to the pros at Brothers Auto & Glass. If you’re in Amarillo or Canyon and need a low-cost and speedy oil change service to do it for you, turn to the ones you can trust!

Your satisfaction is our number one priority at Brothers Auto. Finding a mechanic you can trust is not always the easiest task, but we’re here to change the game. When you receive a quote from Brothers, you can put your faith in us to deliver on that promise. Coming to us for all your auto repair and maintenance needs is the best way to ensure you are getting the most upfront and honest automotive service in the business. Expect nothing less than accurate estimates and low-cost rates when you bring your vehicle to the Brothers, your number-one choice of oil change service in Amarillo, TX.


Performing an oil change may seem like a complicated process for the majority of people, but for the right technician with adequate experience, it is actually a fairly simple procedure. A quality oil change service should be able to have your vehicle in and out of service in less than an hour. The pros at Brothers aim to do it even faster. Our mechanics are highly skilled in all aspects of automotive maintenance and repair and have extensive training in oil change services for a variety of makes and models.

Have a foreign car and can’t find a good mechanic to get the job done? When you come to Brothers Auto & Glass, you can rest easy knowing you and your vehicle are in the best hands. With over 15 years of experience, we take the most pride in our foreign car repair and maintenance services. By continuously educating ourselves on various facets of automotive repair, we work toward perfecting each service we offer so that we can confidently make the promise to take care of each customer as best as we know how.


When it comes to your vehicle, oil is responsible for upholding a number of primary functions such as keeping moving parts lubricated so as not to encourage damages and the dissipation of heat from the running engine. Almost everyone knows how important oil changes are to the well-being and performance of a vehicle, but the process is fairly intricate and should be performed by someone with both adequate experience and equipment.

We know it can be easy to forget, but remembering to check your oil is key to keeping a healthy engine. As your car runs, the oil will burn and dispel and then need to be replenished every so often. When to seek out service for oil changes all depends on the mileage, condition, and manufacturer recommendations of your vehicle. To find these suggestions, locate your vehicle’s owner’s manual and search the table of contents then flip to the specified page.

Come in for a FREE DIAGNOSTICS Test

Need to check on your car’s systems diagnostics? Bring your vehicle to Brothers Auto Care for a complimentary diagnostics service! Our aim is to make every car owner who entrusts us with repairs or maintenance services feel as if they couldn’t be in better hands! We do this by offering the highest quality of work at the best possible rates.


Brothers Auto & Glass does more than just oil changes. Our extensive list of services can be tailored to meet your needs, whatever they may be. If your vehicle requires repairs well past your desired price point, put your worries to rest with our incredible financing options. To learn more, give us a call at (806) 601-0456 today.


Whether you need an engine tune-up or are looking for an oil change service to complete the job quickly and efficiently, you can always count on Brothers Auto & Glass. We treat you like family whenever you come to us with a repair issue or maintenance need. Our auto services are sure to exceed your expectations, and that’s the Brothers’ guarantee!