It's Time to Replace Those Worn-Out Brakes

We provide top-quality brake repair services in Canyon & Amarillo, TX

Over time, your brake pads will get worn down and need to be replaced. When you need new brakes, rely on the experts at Brothers Auto Care. We provide fast and affordable brake repair services to clients across the Canyon & Amarillo, TX area.

Need a ride after you drop off your car? We can shuttle you home. Find out why we're a preferred local brake shop. Visit us today to get brand-new brakes.

Turn to the local brake repair pros

Not sure if you need brake repairs? Here are some signs your brakes might need some attention:

Your car vibrates or shakes when you step on the brake
You hear screeching noises when you brake
Your car takes a long time to come to a complete stop

If you think your car needs new brakes, don't wait around - bring it to Brothers Auto Care right away. Driving on worn-out brakes is dangerous. Call 806-601-0456 today to schedule an appointment with a local brake shop in Canyon & Amarillo, TX.